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Transforming the way the automotive industry works

Whether in research and development for engines or vehicles, for computer simulations and optimization, for measuring, recording and evaluating telematic data during test drives - Toughbooks, equipped with Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor, are the ideal tool for all areas in the automotive industry.

With their rugged, fanless design and seals for the external ports, the units of our fully ruggedized series are resistant against dust and water, as well as vibrations and shocks (MIL-STD 810G and IP65)¹,². They are also weatherproof for outdoor vehicle diagnosis at site, and withstand drops and shocks on bumpy test tracks as well as dirty conditions in workshops.

Ideal for the rental industry

At all stages of the vehicle rental process – before during and after – Toughbooks are perfectly suited to deliver previously unachievable levels of performance, at the point of service. Thanks to world-leading wireless connectivity, integrated data collection features and their ability to perform outdoors, the use of a Toughbook means a customer can receive exceptional service, often without ever needing to venture further than the forecourt.

Reliable and durable

The rugged design with features such as flexible mounted LCDs, strong hinges and shock-protected HDDs makes Toughbooks extraordinarily long-lasting and impassible against failures, breakdowns and expensive repairs. Therefore, their accumulated cost over the entire life-cycle is on a considerably lower level than conventional mobile devices (Total Cost of Ownership).

But those are the technical facts. What we’d like to show you now is how Toughbooks can work with you.

How they’re already helping other organizations similar to yours. And how they can help you overcome the main challenges you face.