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  • Drive Workforce Efficiency with Custom Docking Solutions.

    Put your Toughbook and Toughpad devices at the heart of your vehicles and create fleet of mobile offices.

    Vehicle Docking Solutions

    Allow your field workers to work as efficiently as they would in the office with custom docking solutions from Panasonic ProServices. From cars to vans, 4x4s to Emergency Service vehicles, our docks can be designed to work in any vehicle.

    Out in the Field,
    Every Minute Counts.

    Without easy access to devices and applications jobs can take far longer than required, impacting on the number of jobs that can be completed and thus reducing the operational effectiveness of a field workforce, having a direct impact upon your customer service satisfaction levels.

    ProServices custom docking solutions provide easy access to your devices and applications either directly from the docked device or from a secondary screen located within arm’s reach. Docks can be front-mounted, stored in the rear of the vehicle or hidden out of sight, for example, in the glove box.

    We can also optimise 3G/4G, GPS and WLAN connectivity utilising the dual antenna pass-through feature of both dock and device to help your workforce stay in touch with HQ and save valuable time as workers move from job to job.

    Take the Office
    to the Road:

    Take the office to the road:

    • Reduced set up time for every job, just mount and go
    • Improved access to devices and applications in the field
    • Optimised 3G/4G and GPS connectivity, ensuring faster data transfer
    • Enhanced WLAN signal so you are always connected to HQ
    • Peace of mind that your device is secure and compliant with safety legislations

    With you Every
    Step of the way.

    Our collaborative and explorative approach helps us understand your true business requirements and develop solutions that maximise the effectiveness of your custom docking solution.

    • 3D measuring and CAD modelling
    • Conceptual prototype creation
    • Manufacturing
    • Installation scheduling
    • Third party accessory sourcing
    • European Regulation and Health and Safety testing
    • Upgrades and retrofitting
    • Optional direct support for your fleet

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    ProServices Docking Solutions