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  • Solution Customisation

    Ensure your workforce are equipped with the ultimate rugged devices. Customise your branding, installations, applications, and security settigs.

    Solution Customisation

    Personalise your TOUGHBOOK solution to your brand and business

    Once we’ve created your perfect TOUGHBOOK solution, we’ll help you customise it to your exact brand and business needs.

    You can look forward to improved workforce efficiency and productivity, while our dedicated Panasonic project managers will ensure a simplified and seamless rollout.

    Your tailored TOUGHBOOK

    • Branding
    • Installations
    • Applications
    • Security settings
    • Data


    Make your mark everywhere

    Ensure your brand stays prominent with your corporate logo visible on the outside of your TOUGHBOOK device.

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    Custom BIOS Creation

    Launch it your way, securely

    Everything from pre-configuration of standard ex-factory BIOS settings to a complete custom BIOS service, with individually-specified settings. Includes testing and quality assurance carried out at all levels.

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    Custom Image Creation

    Painting a consistent picture

    Our experts will work with you to create a tailor-made image that ensures perfect integration with your internal processes and IT infrastructure.


    Image Deployment Services

    Instant productivity

    We have a number of different methods for cloning and deploying your corporate image so that your TOUGHBOOK devices are ready for use as soon as they arrive. Meaning a smoother, quicker rollout, reduced downtime and improved cross-organisational consistency.


    Windows Autopilot

    Boot up. Log in. Take off.

    A simple cloud-managed tool that allows you to fully configure and provision your TOUGHBOOK device before it ships to the end user. For the user, this means the best out-of-the-box experience – they just log in and they’re ready to go in minutes. No call to IT required.

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    Solution Kitting

    Your perfect package

    Should you require additional tools and technology as part of your TOUGHBOOK solution, we offer a variety of packaging services – with all components in one box – right up to fully-bespoke diagnostics kits in branded cases.


    ProServices ProTect

    Realise ultimate productivity anywhere, anytime without interruption.

    Our unbeatable warranty options, unrivalled turnaround time, added to the proven durability of TOUGHBOOK technology will reduce downtime and accidental breakages to ensure your workforce never misses a beat.

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    TOUGHBOOK as a Service

    Cutting-edge technology just got more affordable.

    TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service is an OPEX subscription solution, based on fixed monthly, direct debit payments over 3, 4 or 5 year terms.

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