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Toughmate user harness

Panasonic Part Number: PCPE-INFUVA1
Lead Time: Up to 12 weeks depending on stock
Minimum Order Quantities apply: Please contact Panasonic
Warranty: 1 Year

Please note that this product must be used with the CF-19/CF-30/CF-31 Corner Ring kits or with the Infocase Always-On products. The Toughmate User Harness is a must have for mobile computing in the field. This ergonomic four-point harness system holds your Toughbook securely in front of you for quick, easy, hands-free use. 

Features and Benefits:

Increases Productivity:
Increases productivity by allowing you to quickly transition from carrying your Toughbook to using it hands free!

Rugged Design:
Like Toughbooks, the Toughmate User Harness has been tested and approved to PCSC’s unsurpassed engineering standards

Works with any user harness ready Toughmate case. This includes the Toughmate 19 X-strap, Toughmate Always-On 19, Toughmate Always-On 19 , and Toughmate Always-On 52.