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Toughbook (PC) Takeback Programme

In EU countries, Panasonic customers have the option of discarding End of Life (EOL) and End of Use (EOU) Toughbooks free of charge at municipal collection points. The manner in which the collection is arranged differs by municipality. Information, such as the address and opening hours of the waste collection point, can be found in local directories, municipal guides and web sites. An alternative for all customers is to return the EOL or EOU Toughbook equipment via the place where new equipment is purchased.

Under EU law in most member states, corporate users are not permitted to bring EOL products to municipal collection points.

Corporate customers should contact their Panasonic representative and (or) use the contacts listed to arrange for your Toughbooks to be recycled. On receipt of your request, Panasonic will define bespoke solutions to ensure the most effective way to manage your requirements.

NB. This process will also apply to consumers who may have larger quantities of Toughbooks to be recycled. 

In addition to these existing recycle schemes, Computer Products Europe offer an individual and free of charge take back scheme for their consumer Toughbook sales. Upon request to one of the listed numbers, Panasonic will arrange the collection of the Toughbook direct from the caller’s premises.

To arrange for your Toughbook to be recycled, please call one of the following toll free numbers:

UK +44(0) 8453 892 709

Germany +49(0) 800 723 5211

France +33 (0)1 47 91 64 99

Spain +34(0) 901 101 157

Italy +39(0) 848 391 999

Áustria +43(0) 800 006 493

NB. All other countries should refer to any of the listed numbers

Alternatively you can Email Panasonic and arrange to recycle your Toughbook: