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Digital technologies for sales promotion, inventory and staff operations can be found in ever more retail stores. Such tools make shopping at the store both more informative and entertaining, help to avoid out-of-stock situations and seamlessly link offline with online retail.

The Panasonic TOUGHBOOK M1 Passport Solution for mobile identification and entrance control

BRACKNELL, UK. 29th November 2018 - Panasonic today announced an integrated mobile identification and entrance
control solution for its popular 7 inch rugged tablet. Panasonic TOUGHBOOK M1 Passport Solution is ideal for border control,
police and security forces, as well as the travel, entertainment and hospitality industries. The device integrates a complete

Providing its service and repair engineers with improved ways of working and communication to enhance customer service

BRACKNELL, UK. 6th December 2018                                         

Centrica, the leading energy and services company operating brands such as British Gas and Dyno, has rolled out out 7,500 Panasonic rugged TOUGHBOOK tablets to its team of UK engineers to improve working methods and ultimately to enhance its customer service.

78% interested in a hardware subscription-based solution to equip mobile workforces.


BRACKNELL, UK. 4th DECEMBER 2018 - Technology buyers are in favour of spreading the cost of equipping their mobile workforces with notebooks, tablets and handheld devices, the latest research reveals. 78% of UK technology buyers said they would be interested in a subscription-based solution to equip mobile workforces.