• Fixed computer or flexible mobile devices?

Fixed computer or flexible mobile devices?

At Panasonic, we believe that fully rugged tablet PCs deliver significant and tangible benefits over the more old-fashioned fixed computers.

Every year each of your forklifts will be out action for a number of hours, either through planned servicing or unplanned maintenance. Spread this across a large fleet and it could add up to hundreds of lost working hours.

Save the hit to your bottom line

If your computers are fixed to your forklifts, you are also losing hundreds of hours of computing time, which will have a significant impact on the productivity of your staff, the output of your production and delivery processes, and ultimately your bottom line.

Equally, when a fixed computer terminal needs to be repaired, serviced or updated, both the forklift and the computer are out of action, with similarly negative results.

With a fully rugged tablet PC however, these problems are eradicated completely. Tablets can be swapped between vehicles during maintenance, meaning constant uptime. And when the tablet itself needs maintaining, the device can be easily substituted.

For even greater uptime, Panasonic’s range of fully rugged tablets and notebook PCs are supported by specialist docks that feature VESA mounting plates. Meaning they can be moved easily and securely from bracket to bracket, and vehicle to vehicle.