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Five essential elements of Panasonic COMPASS

Make Android work harder for your business

COMPASS offers a full suite of Android support, security and customisation software and services, engineered for the enterprise environment.



Customise Android to suit your business requirements

Personalise your user interface, improve signal quality, battery power, security and storage space, and manage apps more efficiently. 


• Enhanced, personalised company identity
• A fit-for-purpose device
• Increased workforce productivity thanks to boosted battery life and signal
• Lowered TCO and reduced IT costs thanks to out-of-the-box experience

Cost of customisation dependent on project scope.

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Manage all workforce devices from a single platform 

Staging options and pre-installed Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) / Mobile Device Management (MDM), certification and licensing, for easy rollout. 

Device configuration and staging options include:

• Panasonic Configuration Centre staging
• MDM based staging, including QR code and NFC bump
• Staging via USB stick to a special partition
• Panasonic Rapid Configuration (PARC) Tool

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And there's more...


MCL Mobility Platform

A unique mobile enterprise application platform for building, deploying, running and managing custom software applications.

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APK submission portal

Upload your application for Panasonic to certify for use on TOUGHBOOK devices. So, you can ensure the correct app is running, and protect against data breaches.


Firmware and software update management services

You get to decide when, where and which devices are to be updated. Remotely. 

FOTA: Firmware Over the Air

Firmware updates, security patches, system application upgrades and driver fixes are pushed over the air using Wi-Fi/3G/4G as part of this free service.

Advanced Update Deployment

When carrying out advanced policy deployment, deploying different updates to different devices at different times, we recommend you manage the process via an MDM, such as SOTI.

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COMPASS Security

Lifecycle protection for devices and data

Ensure that your TOUGHBOOK Android devices are fully protected, and device performance is optimised, for the entire lifecycle of your estate, with regular security patches even after product End of Life. 

COMPASS Security Standard (FOC) – At least 2 updates per year, continuing for 1 year after product End of Life.

COMPASS Security Premium (Chargeable) - More frequent patches and up to 10 years support, including support through OS transition. Contact for details.

Third Party Security and encryption solutions can also be certified and pre-installed on request, by taking advantage of our COMPASS Manager staging and deployment capabilities.


COMPASS for Enterprise

Ensure your devices are optimised for business


Enterprise Launcher

Ensure your Corporate Owned, Single Use (COSU) / Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) devices are only used for work using this kiosk mode interface. The Panasonic Enterprise Launcher allows the device to be restricted for single use; for example, only running one or a selection of applications and features for different users.


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MCL Developer

Using the MCL Developer custom business-specific applications can be created and deployed onto devices which use the MCL Platform. Applications designed for the MCL Platform can be deployed across multiple Operating Systems, form factors and device models.


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